The lawyer of FBK Love Sable spoke about the surveillance of her and her husband

Юрист ФБК Любовь Соболь рассказала о слежке за ней и мужем

The lawyer of Fund of struggle against corruption (FBK) Love Sable told to “MBH media” about the surveillance of her and her husband Sergei Mokhov. According to her, surveillance has been ongoing for several weeks – since the start of the investigation about the mass infection of dysentery in kindergartens and schools.

They shoot with the camera and create pressure and stress. They “poke cameras in the face,” asked about the alleged meeting Prigogine with her, said Sobol.

The lawyer of FBK considers that the unknown work in the so-called “Putin’s cook” businessman Eugene Prigogine. Sometimes these people appear to be employees of the controlled Prigogine”Federal news Agency”, said Sable.

In January, about the mass infection of children in Moscow enteric infection reported by Radio Liberty and other media, few publications dedicated to him: Alexei Navalny. Food in schools supplied by two companies – “Vito-1” and “Plant food “Concord”, owned by I. Prigogine. Company Prigogine, his involvement in the outbreak of intestinal infection initially denied, but then said that it would conduct “its own investigation into the diseases of children with dysentery” and pay compensation to victims.

In February, Rospotrebnadzor recognized 127 cases of infection of intestinal infection in Moscow. In the office the cause of the disease called low-quality cheese that came from the Lipetsk region.?

February 22, the Investigative Committee opened a criminal case on the supply of kindergartens foods that do not meet safety requirements. After a week it became known about one more criminal case under the same article against a product supplier “Vito-1”.