The lawyer said Babikov can become the head of the investigation for square

Адвокат Януковича Бабиков может стать руководителем следствия по делам Майдана

Vice-Chairman of the RRG may be, Alexander Babikov. According to Ukrainian media reports, he worked in a law firm Aver Lex, who defended the former President of the fugitive Viktor Yanukovych.

Officially, his appointment is yet to be announced. However, the rumors that Babikov will take this position was confirmed by the Chairman of GBR Irina Venediktov at the meeting on 14 January with the relatives of the victims on the Maidan. About it reports “Voice of America”.

At the same time, families of Heroes of Heavenly Hundred have already expressed confidence in the candidate.

We require open, transparent competition to choose the person that will be trusted by the society

– said in their statement.

The appointment was commented by the lawyer for the families of the Heavenly Hundred Evgenia Zakrevskaya.

According to her, Babikov “related to his position, which he formed and defended, which insisted, represent and defend the interests of his client”. In her opinion, this is an obvious sign that the investigation will not.

On the website Aver Lex in the communication of the decision Babikova go to the public service States that it “specialized in the defense of law enforcement officers on corruption cases committed by organized criminal groups”.

At the same time, RRT does not see obstacles to trust the lawyer Yanukovych audit of the Affairs of the Maidan. As explained by the relatives of the victims head GBR Irina Venediktova, the competition Commission found Babikov conflict of interest. According to her, in the case of recommendations by the competition Commission, subject to the passing of special checks, it is assigned.

That Babikov will be objective, do not believe a member of the NGO “Family of the Heavenly hundred Heroes” Vladimir Golodnyuk comments in “Voice of America”. He lost on the Maidan 19-year-old son. Golodnyuk reminded of the promise of President Vladimir Zelensky to expedite the investigation.

I deeply resent such assignments. If Babikov defended the interests of Yanukovych, who shot hundreds of Heaven, how can we now trust him to protect the interests of the Maidan? To appoint a lawyer Yanukovych responsible for the investigation of the shootings on the Maidan – it is a slap in the face to those who lost their loved ones. It is a desecration of the memory of those who died on Maidan

– protested the man.

What is known about the current head of the division for the investigation of the Maidan

Note that on 2 January 2020, the head of Department on investigation of Affairs of the independence of the State Bureau of investigation has appointed Oleksandr Buryak. Still, he was Deputy Director of the RRG.

At the same time, families of Heroes of Heavenly Hundred and their lawyers require it to immediately dismiss. They claim that the appointment was held closed and opaque, and the reputation of beet questionable. In the organization added that the beet has no experience with Affairs of the Maidan, achievements in other areas, but has a dubious reputation.

Lawyers remind that Alexander Buryak is mentioned in the known records of NABOO with the office of the Chairman of the District administrative court of Kiev Pavel Vovk.

In particular, they recorded the conversation Vovk in the case of the appointment of Eugene ablov the head of the Nikolaev territorial administration of the RRG.

The statement indicates that the search operation, which obtained these recordings, made during the investigation of the Maidan, and some of the judges of the District administrative court are the defendants in cases of Maidan.

This indicates the presence of the beet real conflict of interest. This accordingly casts doubt on an objective investigation of the key square and reduce public confidence in the investigation of the Affairs of the Maidan.

Lawyers and activists are laying the responsibility for this appointment to acting Director of GBR Irina Venediktova. They urge her to reverse the decision and appoint an open and transparent competition for the position.