The lawyers explained the nuances of the pension of the deceased person in the uncontrolled Donbass (video)

If, after the death of the pensioner remained undrawn pension can get the relatives of the deceased. However, some immigrants have to defend that right in court, transfers TV channel “Donbass”.

So, retirees who live in ORGLA years do not receive their payments. There are those who died, but never received a legitimate retirement.

“My cousin is not received, died. And so many. Many don’t drive, so it is not possible to cross the line of demarcation,” – says a resident of Donetsk Olga.

It is noted that the lost can receive pension of the deceased relatives. We need only time to contact the Pension Fund.

“For payment of lost pensions can apply to close relatives who lived together with the deceased person, or those who have a notarial certificate of inheritance,” says the chief of the division of services for the citizens the intercession of the joint management of the Pension Fund Natalia Pisarenko.

The relatives of the deceased to the uncontrolled territory within six months, must provide to the Pension Fund a number of documents, but only the Ukrainian sample.

“Passport, code applicants, a certificate of the immigrant applicant. Certificate of right of inheritance. The death certificate will receive in a judicial order” – listed in the intercession of the bar.

But if the heirs have delayed the procedure of receiving pensions, then the debt will have to be overcome. “When a relative dies, and the heir is not addressed within six months to the notary and to the Pension Fund, he passes the time of entry into the inheritance. And for this we need to go to court: either to extend the term of entry into the inheritance, or to establish the fact of cohabitation at the time of death,” – said the lawyer of the Ukrainian Helsinki Union on human rights Artem armless.

It is noted that in the treatment of several family members – amount of the pension of the deceased is divided among all who applied.

In addition, the state must pay a one-time funeral benefit, which is two pensions of the deceased pensioner.

However, there are monetary restrictions. If the pensioner with the uncontrolled territory to the death never crossed the line of contact, the relatives receive the pension only in the last three years of the life of the deceased.

Author Yana Romanchenko.