The “LC” striking miners on hunger strike

В «ЛНР» бастующие горняки объявили голодовку

In the occupied part of the Luhansk region in the town of Anthracite at the mine “Komsomolskaya” striking miners declared a hunger strike.

“Miners “Komsomolskaya” went on hunger strike today. Only bread and water.

In fact, what is happening in the LC, there is a very specific culprits. On the one hand, very specific people who have decided the restructuring of the coal industry, to hide the embezzlement of funds in especially large sizes and to write off all debts of the miners (in the hope that they can endure). And, on the other hand, very specific people who came up with the idea to block communication and social networks and other things beyond the bounds of common sense. All the perpetrators have names, this is not an abstract “the government of LNR”.

There are people who, because of their capabilities trying to solve the problem, as the Minister of coal industry Paul Malgin, who recently found money to pay down debt to the miners of the “Nikanor-Nova”, and is now looking for funds for the payment of the miners “Komsomolskaya”. Make it easy, given that the budget for the donut hole.

“Happy” and the information component of the crisis – in the official media silence, and by the Deputy Gumenyuk group “Lugansk 1 news LC”, who writes about how “losing the shadow income criminals provoke protests”, and others like her Yes-men-conservatives, calling miners “provocateurs”, are Frank game”, – the blogger notes.

The government