The lead singer of Rammstein was played on the swings in Pripyat: photo

The frontman of Rammstein visited the Ghost town of Pripyat. Probably till Lindemann went on a tour to the Chernobyl exclusion zone after the March 6, acted in one of clubs in Kiev.

Lindemann has published two short videos on my instagram. Them outrageous the singer rolls around in a circle on a swing in the former amusement Park.

He said your videos with the hashtag #chernobyl.

The till Lindemann in Pripyat / Screenshot from video

We will remind that on March 6, 2020 was held in Kyiv loud concert of German musicians Lindemann.

What is known about Lindemann?
Musical project of Rammstein frontman till Lindemann and Swedish musician Peter Tagtgren, the Creator of the Pain. The desire to create something new combined them into a duet. Lindemann’s debut album, entitled Skills in Pills out in 2015.

Lindemann – Frau & Mann: listen to the song online