The leader German “green” on three arguments against the “Nord stream – 2”

Лидер немецких "зеленых" о трех аргументах против "Северного потока - 2"

On the sidelines of the Munich security conference co-chair German green Annalena of Berbak told DW why she is against the lifting of sanctions against Russia and the “Nord stream – 2”.

At the Munich security conference, which ended on Sunday, February 16, Russia recalled and representatives of the United States criticized the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream – 2” in Germany, and the President of France Emmanuel macron, who called for a new European policy towards Moscow despite sanctions. On the sidelines of the forum DW spoke with the co-chair of the opposition of the German party “the Union 90 / green” Annalena of Berbak (Annalena Baerbock). Her party is not the first month is in the polls the second place in popularity in Germany, which makes it a likely member of the next coalition government. In the event of coming to power by the green party, including Berbak, can become the Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany. Elections to the Bundestag will take place in 2021, but amid the change of leadership in the ruling conservative Christian democratic Union, experts do not exclude early voting.

DW: the French President Makron is increasingly calling for a new policy of the European Union against Russia. What it can be?

Annalena of Berbak: We in the EU are in the heart of Europe. Together with Russia and other countries of Eastern Europe, we are also members of the Council of Europe. The dialogue is important. But, on the other hand, it is obvious that when the Russian President by the annexation of Crimea and invasion of Eastern Ukraine is destroying the Central values of the European peace project, we cannot say that we are back to normal.

Because in recent years we have not progressed in the peace process in Eastern Ukraine. It is essential that the dialogue we have made clear that regarding the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine the country’s sovereignty must be restored.

– What to do with the EU sanctions against Russia to weaken or strengthen?

– Sanctions can be weakened only when there are changes in the peace process. Sanctions – not an end in itself, it was a clear reaction to the annexation of the Crimea, which was a violation of international law, the invasion of Eastern Ukraine. You must re-negotiations in the “Norman format”, so that this dramatic situation, which, unfortunately, went in the news in the background, and there are people dying every day, has led to peace in Ukraine within its borders.

– Through the introduction of U.S. sanctions stopped the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream – 2” from Russia to Germany. You previously criticized this project – what policy will your party in case of coming to power?

– I have long criticized the gas pipeline “Nord stream – 2”, long before US President trump, for three reasons. First, we are on the path of transformation in the field of ecology, we must come to renewable energy. It is the policy of the European Union are not aimed at the pipelines for fossil fuels, which are constructed in future decades.

The second point concerns the fact that after the annexation of Crimea and tensions in Eastern Ukraine, the pipeline is actively used for the destabilization of Ukraine, namely as an alternative to the current pipeline through Ukraine.

The third aspect of criticism from the very beginning was the fact that our neighbors in the EU, such as Poland, have made it clear that they perceive this pipeline as an infringement on their security. Therefore, there is fatal damage, when he was a massive support including from the German side. It has nothing to do with the fact that now makes trump. Because the policy of threats and sanctions is undiplomatic foreign policy, and that our positions differ radically.

And yet, if your party comes to power, you will stop the “Nord stream – 2”?

– The fact that, unfortunately, at a European level, the conditions were created to start this project. At the same time, the Central legal aspect, with regard to a landfall in the gas Directive is not created (undefined). Therefore, we will continue to do all that, if it does not comply with European laws, the draft in this form was not implemented.

Лидер немецких "зеленых" о трех аргументах против "Северного потока - 2"

Лидер немецких "зеленых" о трех аргументах против "Северного потока - 2"