The leader of “DNR” lives in the captured businessman’s mansion

Главарь "ДНР" живет в захваченном у бизнесмена особняке

The leader of terrorists “DNR” Denis Pushilin, with the family living in the occupied Donetsk in the house, which took its rightful owner – a businessman Sergei Hanovich.

As he told a businessman to channel BUILDING, he lost a lot of business, in particular belonging to it a large complex, “Liverpool”, and the house.

“Lost my house, which I built myself, which now lives Pushilin,” says Janovich.

According to him, the house is very large with an area of more than 1.5 thousand square meters, with large Conservatory, pool with Jacuzzi, a gym, garages, gas stations.

He said that it is a private house on the street Solovyanenko 10/12, near the Park Shcherbakov. At first the guard he reported that the house for several days duty kind of machine.

“We come – they are silent. We ran what the car was – car is that their so-called some the first Department, a terrible division, with whom no one wanted to mess with. Then came the armed men in several cars with the APC, said they need to search the house, as they have a suspicion that the house is dead. They were admitted to the house opened, together with them, made sure that there are no bodies there. They say that this house is now sealed, we will make investigations. And literally on the second day moved in the President”, – said the businessman.

According to him, the things that belong to their family, pictures from home where being taken away.

“Things, photos of something that they do not need. But when they corner house, with fences posbivat my initials, then I realized that it is a long time,” says Janovich.