The leader of the market of light industry, JSC “trembita” celebrates the 75th anniversary

Лидер рынка легкой промышленности ОАО "Трембита" отмечает 75-летие

The activity of the enterprise began in 1965, combining existing at that time large garment factory in Chernivtsi. Men’s suits, trousers and coats are in demand today in Europe

Men’s suits, trousers and coats are in demand in Europe. And produce in Ukraine. The company “trembita” located in Bukovina, in Chernivtsi, celebrates its 75th anniversary. Started its activities in 1965, joining the existing large garment enterprises in Chernivtsi. General Director Stella Stankevich says the Union “trembita” every year increasing its capacity to provide 5000 jobs.

“Then we produced children’s clothes, jumpsuits, jackets for women and men. We made costumes for the Ministry of defence and aviation, ” recalls memories of Director of the company ODO “trembita”.

Later built an additional workshop for production of men’s suits, the premises which in the future became the main. 700 employees provide manufacturing 25,000 suits per month. Stella emelyanovna remembers that for 35 years only works Director, has gone from an ordinary seamstress to the CEO. In her opinion, highly skilled workers, modern equipment coupled with years of experience, allows to achieve significant results.

“Today nobody can say what is possible and what is not. I know all the stages of production, and how it should be. Important when you can respect people who work. You might think that this is an easy industry So it is called once, but it is far from easy. You see, the work is monotonous, you need to sit down and 8:00 sitting, Ironing, sewing and more, ” says Stella Stankevich.

Responsible attitude to their work has allowed the company not only to maintain economic stability for 75 years, but also to receive numerous awards and recognition. That is why the “trembita” is the leader of the 2017, 2018 and 2019 among Ukrainian enterprises in the light industry. An additional indicator of quality is the export to such European countries as France, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and Italy.