The leader of the Venezuelan opposition, Guido deprived of immunity

Лидера венесуэльской оппозиции Гуайдо лишили неприкосновенности

Loyal to the Maduro regime the national constituent Assembly of Venezuela stripped the immunity of opposition leader and temporary President Juan Guido. Against him can now start political persecution and, as a consequence, to open criminal proceedings.

So, against Guide there are already two investigations, therefore, after this decision of the Assembly the prospect of arrest is very real, writes DW.

Venezuelan authorities have banned Guido to hold public office for 15 years. At the same time, the European Union called the decision illegal, and Guido stressed that they will continue their campaign against the regime of Maduro.

In Caracas said that the ban will come into force if the opposition decides to nominate himself for re-election at the end of his current term in the National Assembly.

What is known about Guido?

35-year-old Huano Guiado declared himself interim President until a constitutional and legitimate elections. Guido speaks out against Nicolas Maduro, who for six years reign as President brought the country into a deep crisis. To support Guido on the streets of the Venezuelan capital left thousands of residents. And more than 50 countries, including USA, Canada, Australia, most EU countries and some countries in Latin America, recognized by the President.

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Лидера венесуэльской оппозиции Гуайдо лишили неприкосновенности