The legendary casino in Monte Carlo was opened after quarantine

Легендарное казино в Монте-Карло открылось после карантина

The main thingIn Monaco opened a casino in Monte Carlo. It didn’t work for three months because of a pandemic coronavirus.

Details: the Casino in Monte Carlo (Principality of Monaco) opened after a three-month quarantine because of pandemic coronavirus.

However, in a gambling house, which opened in the nineteenth century, restrictions apply: log in here in the mask, and over the roulette table let three people instead of seven.

Also widely available antiseptic, and floor markings to the boundary.

The casino says that near all gaming tables and slot machines were installed glass partitions, also disinfection of tokens and chips.

Recall that the rules of casino residents of Monaco are prohibited from gambling in Monte Carlo.

Only in Monaco, the coronavirus has infected 99 people, including Prince albert II. Victims of the plague were four people.

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