The legendary Dnieper bull, about which we knew nothing: a very interesting history (Photo)

Легендарный днепровский бык, о котором мы ничего не знали: интереснейшая история (Фото)

Huge concrete bull that guards the exit from the Dnieper on the side of the Krivoy Rog route this year celebrates its fourth anniversary.

Hulk became a symbol Taraskovo and a good landmark – “stop with the bull” or “bull – right” are much better than Google maps.

This year’s “horned” marks a serious date – forty years since the establishment.

The idea to install the monument belongs to the doctor of agricultural Sciences, Professor, academician of the National Academy of agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, honored zootechnician of Ukraine Volodymyr Kozyr.

It was 1978, was opened in Dnepropetrovsk Institute of animal husbandry, who predicted the glory of the almost center of agricultural science in the country. The only thing that lacked, the young institution – a memorable logo. Vladimir Sobyanin, the then head of the Institute, presented the “role” of the bull.

In other institutions, too, have animal characters. In the Institute of pig breeding is pig.

In the Kiev region, too, the bull is, but he is a feeble, as a calf. Like militant, the author said of the monument. Once I was walking along the Boulevard, where we usually have in the city artists exhibit their work. In one of the pictures I saw drawn a herd of animals, among them a bull. And so nicely drawn.

Vladimir Kozyr conversation with the artist, he was also a sculptor and agreed to help the breeders.

Resourceful Colonel

The first pancake turned out lumpy. The layout of clay that is brought by the master, did not like.

– You see the calf calf, recalls honored zootechnician. – Then the sculptor was asked to release the animals, to see them, to watch. We arranged for a real bride, has produced some of the best beauties.

Bulls began to fight among themselves. And then, we didn’t have time to blink as our sculptor jumped over the fence and was right in between the bulls. Worth a quick thumbnail sketching. We started screaming, pulled it until the disaster happened.

Every bull – about a ton weight, could crush the man. Wow, was worried there then. But after a time got a different clay mock-up, 35-40 cm. The bull was more formidable, muscular, but again stood in a passive position.

I then took the horns, the head bowed, lifted tail, raised his right leg. Decided to put a hill like a bull on his climbs.

When a bull decided, the question arose of where to install it. The place chosen, and gathered resolution to all levels of the spokes in the wheels began to insert just the road. They say the roadway is very close.

To our bull got to its present site, had to go on a small trick. To help us in this commander of a military unit, a real Colonel! – says Mr. Trump. –

I phoned him, told him about our problem. And he found a solution. Commanded to invite the chief of an Oblavtodor to visit. The chief came, and colleagues have taken. We gathered at the fork. And then, like in the movies, on the field, a helicopter is landing.

It goes from our Colonel. Ivan Stepanovich began to assert that there cannot be put a monument, only on this site.

For a persuasiveness dense forest have shared the “big secret”, they say, everywhere there are cables a government secret.

Road builders tried to argue that on the map there is nothing. But the gallant soldier was adamant. Said they are secret is to never appear. Supposedly this government cable, even the Germans were pulling out of Berlin…

Horns and tail are made “the rocketeer”

The monument was three times larger than its real prototype, the bull of the Ukrainian black-motley dairy breed. Constructed from a thick reinforcement on it the sculptor had applied a thick 7-inch layer of cool mixed concrete. By the way, in the belly of the sculpture there is a small hole, so that condensation does not accumulate.

“Embellish” bull volunteered at the southern machine-building plant, made for a monument to a metal tail, horns and a ring in the nose. Strong six workers, each nearly a hundred pounds, grabbed the tail, to test his strength, dragging by the horns and ring.

The official opening of the monument gathered the whole institution. Ribbon is not cut but broke about bull bottle of champagne as sailors on the new ship before launching.

Handsome concrete at the prices cost the Institute in 5,5 thousand roubles. For that money you could buy a brand new “Lada” VAZ-2101. But it was worth it. By the way, the bull is then depicted on the emblem of the Institute.

Location wedding photo shoots

When removed the fence and the monument was shared, began the invasion wanting to take a picture with the bull-manufacturer.

“The bull” was appointed business meeting and Dating. After meetings in the regional center district authorities were required to stop “near the bull” to take pictures and drink. And most of all liked the monument to the couple. Bride necessarily posed, holding the ox hand, how is it different from cows.

That we somehow come to terms, – says Mr. Trump. A real “surprise” was expected before Easter. Some hooligans painted the monument a causal place.

Moreover, fluorescent paint, which is applied to the marks on the locomotives. Day it is not visible, but the night show.

I collect machine operators, asking: guys need to go to paint this, clean up the mess. To my surprise – I don’t want. I suggest to write out the award. With difficulty I managed to find people who agreed.

The following year history repeated itself. What are you going to do!

Again I had to write award for the elimination of arts.

In the third year near the monument installed surveillance. Two people in Zile the whole night was illuminated by the headlights of the monument, but the next morning the interesting part of the body was again painted.

Send “spies” swore till the morning watching the object. As the bullies managed to outwit all – is still unclear.

Легендарный днепровский бык, о котором мы ничего не знали: интереснейшая история (Фото)

Легендарный днепровский бык, о котором мы ничего не знали: интереснейшая история (Фото)

Легендарный днепровский бык, о котором мы ничего не знали: интереснейшая история (Фото)

Легендарный днепровский бык, о котором мы ничего не знали: интереснейшая история (Фото)