The level of failures Zelensky ahead of all local politicians.

По уровню провалов Зеленский обогнал всех отечественных политиков, - эксперт

The presidential candidate of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has surpassed all the old politicians and set a national record with five powerful failures in one day. About this in his Facebook said political analyst Alexei holomuzki.

“Yesterday, Vladimir Zelensky, the whole day was entertained Ukrainian “Facebook” demonstrative their whims. Many even decided that this day would be the apotheosis of the epic feil second round. But they were wrong – does not relax Zelensky himself not to relax the audience. Today, perhaps, exceeded yesterday. Yesterday was a day of moods today in the election campaign Zelensky the day of “oops!” From early morning to evening – alone “oops!” – wrote golobutsky.

He also listed all the failures Zelensky made them this Friday. “In the morning the candidate Zelensky, who so loudly demanded from Poroshenko, “tests for drugs and alcohol” and generally on the health status took and passed… as much as a one simple analysis, which is very little about what to say. Well, at least it looked like, if passed. On camera. To donate hair and to take a pinch of hair guaranteed denial about drug use in recent months Zelensky refused. That is in paragraph “Tests”, put a fat minus – “failed”, – stated the analyst.

He also noted that the tests Zelensky handed in the laboratory “EUROLAB”, owned by his friend Andrew Palchevskogo, which broadcasts the political talk shows actively campaigning for Zelensky.

“The correctness of the results” even the unfortunate one analysis of the same – strike. Also the doctor who the candidate tests was a semi-professional actor, who starred in “the Matchmakers” project Zelensky. “The credibility of the analysis” – expunged”, – said the expert.

Another failure Zelensky, in his opinion, – that to the clinic for tests, he came to the car, previously owned by oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, which the candidate repeatedly denied.

“Well, tonight Zelensky published “test results” with a fake date of their capture. Instead of “April 5” there was listed as “April 2”. The image was quickly replaced, but a vigilant user noticed the forgery, and thus the story of the falsification of the candidate of their tests became public. Although, of course, could be worse – could be, say, “April 14″… But here is pierced. “New face in politics,” Zelensky do in one day got all the experienced politicians – where are they up to it!.. Shah, Mat and chess Board on the face to boot”, – concluded Alexey golobutsky.

По уровню провалов Зеленский обогнал всех отечественных политиков, - эксперт