The liberals in Madrid

Либералы в Мадриде

Venue for its Congress, the Alliance of liberals and Democrats for Europe has chosen Madrid. Takes them a liberal Civil party of Spain. More than 1 thousand candidates intend to adopt the Manifesto in connection with the forthcoming elections to the European Parliament, which will be held in may 2019. The main goal is to fight against populist and extremist movements.

The plans of the 60 representatives of the liberal movements from across Europe to discuss the proposal of the French adherents of the party “Forward, Republic” on the establishment of a common platform. The Alliance hopes to increase the number of deputies in the European Parliament. Now they – 68.

“The French party progressive and ambitious. It intends to reform the European Union. Her ideas are close to my party and the Alliance as a whole. I support the proposal. Once we have common values, why not work together?”, – said the MEP from the Netherlands Sophie in’trans t Veld.

However, the full understanding until the liberals could not be reached. Unlike the European people’s party and Progressive Alliance of socialists and Democrats, they have no single candidate for the presidency of the European Commission.

“In the interests of the Alliance to make the election process more open. You need to discuss a few candidates that will support our ideas, to work in different countries. It’s not about the parliamentary seats, but about ideas and the leading candidates to oppose the Christian Democrats and the socialists,” – said the Deputy Chairman of the ALDE Louis Garicano.

Danish politician Margrethe Vestager is one of the most likely candidates. But the final decision will be made in this time.

Congress of liberals will end on Saturday.

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