The limits of control: whether Zelensky save monopolista in Parliament

Пределы контроля: удастся ли Зеленскому сохранить монобольшинство в Раде

In the fraction of “servant of the people” more and more internal problems. Regularly not enough votes even for decisions that are important personally for Vladimir Zelensky. Individual MPs and the whole intra-faction groups are openly feuding with each other.

However, as assure the sources, the split and disintegration of monopolista can not speak. What groups now dominate the SN and that in General occurs in the ranks of the Pro-government faction in the material.

The fraction of “servant of the people” over time, less fit under established definition of “monopolist”. During the extraordinary sessions of the Verkhovna Rada on 30 March it was particularly noticeable.

The elections of the President were not able to provide any principled vote. Despite the fact that personally Vladimir Zelensky urged members to maximum mobilization.

To appoint new Ministers of Finance and health was only at the second attempt, and made the Cabinet changes in the state budget the Parliament and all have failed.

Without situational help from the “Opposition platform “For life”, “Voice”, “European solidarity” and “trust” would have failed and all the other important vote. “Servant of the people” gave to them 195-212 votes, at the nominal size of the fraction in 248 people.

Species struggle

Lately escalated and the atmosphere within the faction CH. The deputies constantly clearing up their mutual relations in the inter-party chats, as well as through the media and telegram channels.

Sometimes reaches up to the open clashes like between the people’s deputies Nikolay Tishchenko and Alexander Kunitsky directly on performance of the candidates in the Cabinet on March 29. Tishchenko accused kunitskaya in the sink of information via telegram-the channel “the Dark knight”, but ran into a sharp response.

The epidemic of coronavirus hooked and deputies from monopolista, quarantine restrictions and actually began the economic crisis has also added to nervousness. In the last days there is another factor necessary for cooperation with the IMF, “the law about PrivatBank”, which violently struggles against the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky all available public and nonpublic funds.

“Discipline on the background of the current crisis, of course, falls. Someone is really sick, and someone pretends to not come and not vote. In fact, we can now confidently on their own and with a reserve vote only consolidating and clear things: either some of the secondary laws, or how about food for the army, support it all,” said RBC-Ukraine, one of the deputies of monopolista.

Now at a fraction of the SN are particularly distinguished by their activity, the two inner groups among themselves in a permanent conflict: conditional “democratic platform” and “group Kolomoisky”.

“Platformist” yet publicly manifested itself in three open treatment. They opposed the creation of the Consultative Council of the TAG in Minsk, for the dismissal of Sergey Sivoho from the post of adviser to the Secretary of the national security Council and against the Declaration of Ukraine’s default, that is in support of the “law about PrivatBank” and the land market.

Case ultimately was signed by a different number of MPs from 17 to 60 people, someone then their signature revoked. Because the whole “Demplatforma” still looks the conditional Association, the core of which is estimated at about 20 members.

“We situational coalesced around certain red lines and priorities of the state. It’s a tough position against the aggressor, Pro-European vector of movement and the election promises of the President and our political power. Therefore, the number of people to support different statements, different. But we are members of the President’s team, so neither of which the Department is not” – said to RBC-Ukraine, one of the representatives of the “Demplatformy” Vitaly Bezgin.

Factor Ermak

Several sources in the faction said that the mood in monopoliste and, in particular, in the “Demplatforma” impact story with the participation of Deputy geo Leros and the head of the Office of the President Andriy Yermak.

Leros, also belonging to the “platformist”, formerly very strongly opposed the idea with the Advisory Council. The MP accused Ermak in trading positions in government and has published a series of videos with the participation of a man, like a brother of the head of the OP, Denis Ermak, who allegedly all agreed.

For the treatment of Leros handle this Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor’s office. Ermak, in turn, appealed to the security service and the state Bureau of investigation, there is in regard to Leros excited criminal proceedings on four articles of the Criminal code.

At a briefing March 31, Ermak said that the publication of the records is a revenge on the part of Leros, “whose real name is Curahan George Bagratovich”, alleged that the head of OP prevented the Deputy to appoint a person as Deputy head of one of the ministries. The entire story of Ermak called “the struggle with the Ukrainian authorities, with President’s team”.

“The approach to communication on the part of Mr. Ermak I was not very clear, it has already provoked conflict around the pipeline. Now about the fake names Leros we heard, a very “important” information, and that will make the head of the OP, if video allegedly his brother will be real, not heard. And live”, – said Vitaly Bezgin.

A source in the leadership of the faction suggested that if the story of the “films of Leros” will gain the course, it will contribute to the consolidation of “platformist”.

The Ermak adopts a different approach in relations with monopolistom than its predecessor, as head of the OP Andrei Bogdan. “The Ermak is Tishchenko and the people around him, but in General, it is not particularly interfere in the work, he’s not trying to lead the faction,” – said the publication of one of the deputies, which referred to “the group Kolomoisky”.

The source categorically rejects the assumption that between the oligarch and the President will start a war due to the fact that the Parliament in the first reading adopted the “law about PrivatBank”. “Look to the history with the banks actually Glad nothing did not have that much would harm its interests. Because no systemic conflict between Zelensky and no Kolomoisky”, – he assured.

“A group of Kolomoisky” is approximately 15-20 MPs. But during the consideration of the banking law of 29 March were absent or did not vote four dozen “public servants”, some of which, however, is really sick.

“Kolomoisky is not working as its colleagues-oligarchs. He’s under some concrete, the right question gathers the deputies. Here is the second reading of the banks, will see that he will succeed,” said an informed source.

Crisis communication

It is noteworthy that in a conversation with RBC-Ukraine representatives “Demplatformy” and “group Kolomoisky” I proposed almost the same accusations against the leadership of the “Servant of the people”. It is the deputies responsible for the permanent crises in the Parliament.

“It is possible to organize a normal communication, for example, to explain why we fire this Minister, and instead appointed another person to give to communicate properly, form an opinion. And not in the morning in the fractional chats to count enough of the votes. All of us are always in a hurry, and problems,” explained one of the interlocutors.

According to the publication, the appointment of the Ministers of Finance and health Sergey Marchenko and Maxim Stepanov for the first time failed because of organizational failures – there were just a few votes.

It turned out that no one has ascertained the support of the appointments intra-faction “group Pavlyuk” deputies from SN oriented Chernivtsi businessman Elijah Pavlyuk. Once it numbered up to 40 people, now about 15, but these votes were decisive at the key moment.

The first Deputy head of the faction “servant of the people” Alexander Kornienko acknowledges certain difficulties in communication.

“Problems can really arise, especially with the current rapid pace of decision-making in conditions caused by the epidemic crisis. At the same time, we actively establish communication with the Cabinet and with the Office of the President”, – said Kornienko.

As an example, he cited the story of a runaway by the appointment of Olga Bukovec the Minister of energy. According to the Deputy head of the faction, this decision certainly influenced the opinion of the deputies who are critical of Bukovec after the submission of this nomination on March 29, and personal interactions with her.

Kornienko insists that the reason to talk about the split of monopolista no faction is really “not falling apart and does not lose control”. This position is echoed by other interlocutors RBC-Ukraine “the Servant of the people”.

One of them called the current state of the faction CH “coalition”, which includes “a Democratic platform”, the majority of the group Kolomoisky and Pavlyuk, a group of “kvartalova” strengthened by the heads of committees and the Deputy heads of the faction. And one member can belong to a number of such conventional units, depending on the situation.

“Faction like the pirate Union republics, or by some Cossacks, if closer to our realities. A bunch of chieftains and Atlantov, everyone’s always yelling and running somewhere. But ultimately, it works, you see, in the end, all the decisions were made”, – concluded the source.

The parliamentary practice of the last months proves that if some of the groups in the “Servant of the people” refuses to support important decision, it usually can be successfully replaced by one or more parliamentary groups or factions. Because of this, their weight in the current Parliament probably will increase. And Zelensky, looks like it’s time to finally forget about a docile Parliament and the Executive sample last fall.

Milan Lelić