The list of rules of healthy lifestyle, which don’t work

Список правил ЗОЖ, которые не работают

Ranked the most common myths about healthy lifestyles.

Despite the fashion for such attributes, they are actually not as useful as suggested.

1. Himalayan pink salt is no more useful than normal salt.

2. Lectins – a family of protein compounds, which are called the “new gluten”, not harmful. They are found in potatoes, legumes, nuts, wheat. It is believed that lectins interfere with weight loss and trigger inflammatory processes in the intestine, but it is not.

3. Probiotics can help with irritable bowel syndrome. But they won’t improve mood and immune system, according to the advertising.

4. Agave nectar and coconut sugar is no better than regular refined. All sweeteners are virtually identical from the point of view of caloric content and nutrients.

5. Deodorant does not clog the skin toxins and does not cause breast cancer. The most he will do is get your clothes dirty.

6. Apple cider vinegar is good for salads, not for the treatment of acne.

7. The body does not need the “clear juices”. Man has a built-in detox system in the liver and kidney.

8. Activated carbon is only necessary if you need to clean the stomach. It does not affect the skin and improves the digestive system.

9. Coal toothpaste strengthens teeth. It will just wipe all of them enamel.

10. Kettiya is not a magic wand for weight loss and health improvement. This is a common diet based on calorie deficit in the body. Moreover, such a diet can lead to deficiency of essential nutrients.

11. Lemon water speeds up metabolism. And not even leads to detoxification.

12. Gluten is not the enemy of humanity, it perfectly fits most people. To exclude it from the diet is only necessary for medical reasons.

13. Coconut oil will not help you lose weight, reduce cholesterol and kill bacteria and viruses.

14. The benefits of collagen to the skin and hair are exaggerated.

15. Don’t eat their placenta after childbirth. There is no evidence that it treats depression, improves lactation and strengthens the bond with the child.

16. Charged crystals do not heal illness and relieve stress.

17. Drinking red wine because it is useful, not worth it. Use a glass of wine will bring the fact, who got the pleasure of taste.

18. Physical exercise will help cure depression. They cannot replace therapy and medication.

19. Training on an empty stomach will not deprive the body fat. It may work the first few times, but then the body adapts, and the difference between the exercise before and after Breakfast, there will be no.

20. Meditation is not always comforting. In some people it can cause hypersensitivity to light and sound and bring negative emotions.