The list of the most ridiculous rules for a healthy lifestyle

Список самых нелепых правил здорового образа жизни

Supporters of the HLS constantly promote their way of life, but not everything they suggest, is really beneficial.

Some of their tips work, but there are myths that have no evidence. It is about these myths will be discussed next.


Probably, every child knows that the key to a healthy, strong body, strong muscles, a daily morning exercises. Physical exercise is really useful, but not necessarily to practice it in the morning.

Exercises will give the result, if a person pays her 150 minutes a week.

Do 10,000 steps

It is believed that 10 thousand steps daily is one of the main “commandments” for a healthy lifestyle. But this has nothing to do with medicine or physical education.

Initially this myth has come from the Japanese brand Yamasa Toki, who sought to introduce into society their pedometers.

Drink eight glasses of water

The daily rate of water consumption for each individual. And because this advice is inappropriate and is a pure fiction of Frederick Stare. A man wrote about this rule in your textbook, but did not give related explanations or recommendations on this matter.

For medical reasons a person should drink 30 ml of water per kilogram of weight.

Every day, eat the soup

This is another legend. The body is important to obtain the required amount of liquid. But it doesn’t have to be soup.

Enough to eat more plant foods, and drink enough water.

Use antiseptic

Those who try to lead a healthy lifestyle, used to use antiseptic, with a necessity and without it. Do they think they will be able to remove all harmful bacteria. However, the tool removes useful bacteria that in General is unhealthy.

If possible, it is better to just wash your hands with soap and water.