The long-awaited changes: new graphics Intel was better than AMD

Долгожданные сдвиги: новая графика Intel оказалась лучше, чем у AMD

From 28 may to 1 June in Taipei, the exhibition Computex 2019, where Intel and AMD unveiled new processors. According to the results of synthetic tests Ryzen 3000 rose to the occasion, but in real tasks, the Intel chips Core 10 generations showed a definite advantage over a competitor.

Features the new integrated graphics cards. As reported by Fudzilla, the new processors from AMD use the integrated Vega graphics with a TDP of 25 watts – similar to a heat pack and got graphics from Intel 11 generations.

Historically, built-in GPU from AMD has always been more powerful than the counterparts from Intel, but real tests show that the situation finally has changed.

The results of the tests. In most games integrated graphics from Intel demonstrates better fps with the same settings, unlike the counterpart from the red camp.

Долгожданные сдвиги: новая графика Intel оказалась лучше, чем у AMD

The results of the tests of the new integrated GPUs from Intel and AMD

For example, in Overwatch on low graphics settings, the difference is 16%. In World of Tanks at medium settings, the gap in favor of the blue – 11%. In the benchmark 3Dmark Sky Driver and 3Dmark Fire Strike graphics Intel was faster than AMD at 15% and 12% respectively.

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