The long-awaited completion of the renovation of the Central bridge in the river may occur prematurely

Долгожданное завершение ремонта Центрального моста в Днепре может произойти раньше срока

The inhabitants of the Dnieper, which had hours to get from one coast to the other, looking forward to the completion of renovations and opening of the Central bridge.

Though the mayor tried to alleviate our suffering, having on the Dnieper river free boats, however, alternatives for bridge no. The boat then turns giant, the ship and all in the middle of the river “stall”.

And work to get needed, and preferably on time. Therefore, a “balm for the soul” became citizens “hint” of the mayor that the bridge plan to take ahead of time.

This was the mayor casually mentioned in my Sunday post, talking about global warming, abnormal rainfall, flood Turkish, Ukrainian “rucola” and bridge builders.

When we’re finished Bridge (and we will finish it, and finish ahead of time), I know where you will get all the city “bridge builders”. They immediately perekvalifitsiruetsya in metrostroiteley. Because every arrogant and ignorant idiot sure knows how to blow up underground tunnels, – wrote Boris Filatov, filed against Dnipro hope.

A Dnipro still don’t believe that the bridge will have time to pass until September 14, and here and ahead of schedule! Well, let’s wait and see.