The lopachuk: people Have no confidence in the mayor of Lviv garden after the tragedy at Gribovichi dump

Лопачак: У людей не осталось доверия к мэру Львова Садовому после трагедии на Грибовичской свалке

People have no confidence in the mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovy after the tragedy at Gribovichi dump. Such opinion the Deputy of the Lviv city Council Markiyan Lopachuk was expressed on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

In 2006 Andriy Sadovyi has promised local residents Grabovetskyy to close the landfill and begin construction of the plant. From 2006 to Grabovetskiy the tragedy that happened 4 years ago, nothing was done. Accordingly, people have no confidence in what he says Andriy Sadovyy, because what he says doesn’t match with what he is doing. It’s political slogans, PR-steps and nothing more. After Grabovetskiy the tragedy of Lviv city Council, all decisions requested Andriy Sadovy, the deputies of the city Council all supported. But it is this situation perverted, calling it garbage siege, nothing could not agree on the level of the Kiev authorities, neither at the level of the regional state administration. In fact, the city Council was forced to delegate these powers to the head of the regional administration, and we had the rest with garbage collection, although it was very expensive. But 2 years we have not had scandals. When the regional administration has transferred this responsibility back to the Andrew garden, we have scandals and a reputation all over the Ukraine have frozen the construction process of the plant itself. I think, while Andriy Sadovyi has been engaged in this business while he was mayor, the city will not move in this matter,” – said approx.

“Garden promised not to run any more for mayor, said in 2016, if he 3 years to build a plant, it has nothing to do in this position. After 4 years, the plant is not built, we have a number of new scandals, and Garden further holds the position”, – said the politician.

The fire at the landfill were extinguished one day, which resulted in a problem with garbage disposal. Lviv mayor Andriy Sadovy appealed for help to his colleague of Kiev Vitali Klitschko. He, for his part, initiated a decision on the combustion of part of the Lviv Metropolitan waste plant Energy. While Klitschko stressed that all shipping costs and waste fall to the lions.

Лопачак: У людей не осталось доверия к мэру Львова Садовому после трагедии на Грибовичской свалке