The Louvre hardly collects works at the jubilee exhibition of Leonardo

Лувр с трудом собирает произведения на юбилейную выставку Леонардо

Major exhibitions usually involve long negotiations about the conditions of the Museum and exchange, and objects of art generally used as a bargaining chip. But rarely cause diplomatic intrigue – the kind that covered the exhibition Leonardo da Vinci in the Louvre in Paris to the 500th anniversary of the death of the painter. She must pass as of October 24, 2019 February 24, 2020, said theartnewspaper.

The commemorative date is marked by events across Europe, but the exhibition-a blockbuster in the Louvre is the most expected. Thanks to king Francis I, who invited the Titan of the Renaissance in France, in the Louvre are kept five of master paintings. “Mona Lisa” (1503) won’t move, and exhibition curator Vincent DeLeon is going to add to it eight or nine paintings – about half of a small extant heritage of Leonardo.

Among the major expectations – “the Savior of the world” (about 1500), of which the Louvre is waiting for the Louvre Abu Dhabi. But there will come a scandalous picture is not yet known. Plans of the Louvre Abu Dhabi include “Savior” in the permanent exhibition failed in September of last year. Since then, the middle East Museum refuses to comment, citing the work belonging to the Department of culture and tourism of the Emirate. It was reported (without any evidence) that a masterpiece could be damaged, and that with the auction house Christie’s sold the painting in 2017 for $450 million, not yet fully settled.

However, this is not the only headache of the curator. In February, the French culture Minister Frank Riester went to Milan to discuss the Museum for exhibition exchanges with a colleague, Alberto Bonisoli. First, the Italian government threatened to block the exchanges, but in the end Bonisoli declared that “is ready to help France.” The French Minister tactfully reminded the Italians that the Louvre before generously shared Leonardo (for example, borrowed the “Beautiful Ferronera” (1495-1499) and “St. John the Baptist” (1513-1516) at Expo 2015 in Milan), and also offered the assistance of the exhibition, scheduled to the 500th anniversary of the death of Raphael, which will be held in 2020 in Rome.

To seek work for its historical exposition, the Louvre began in 2015. Mostly it will be pictures, authorization they already obtained from various museums. Among them, La Scapigliata (“head of a woman”) (about 1508) from the National gallery of Parma. Venice agreed to provide some work but, apparently, still not ready to part with the legendary “Vitruvian man” (1490). But the most intractable was Florence. The Director of the Uffizi Gallery, Eike Schmidt even said he will resign if something leaves the walls of his Museum. In addition to the “Baptism of Christ” (circa 1475), attributed to Andrea Verrocchio and Leonardo, the Florentine gallery belong to the first known drawing, signed and dated by the artist, “View of the Arno” and, most importantly, “the Annunciation” (circa 1472). Among other masterpieces, which from Paris the requests were sent – “Benois Madonna” in the Hermitage (1478-1480), but the decision of the Russian colleagues, the Louvre has not yet been announced. Also really looking forward to in the capital of France of Leonardo from the Vatican, the Royal collection of great Britain, the Vienna Museum of art history and museums in Germany.

For security reasons, a move of monumental wooden panels like “adoration of the Magi” (1423) in the Uffizi Gallery or the “Madonna of the rocks” (1491-1508) from the National gallery in London is not discussed. Most likely, the exhibition at the Louvre will also feature several works by pupils of Leonardo: Salai, Giovanni Boltraffio or Marco d Oggiono.