The lunar diet for January: how to cleanse the body and lose weight after the holidays

Лунная диета на январь: как очистить организм и похудеть после новогодних праздников

A diet after the New year may be slightly different from the usual your diet. Focusing on the lunar calendar, astrologers suggest to pay attention on a special diet in January, which will help to keep yourself in shape and even lose weight after the holidays.

1 January

This is the best day to try a little hungry, to give your body a rest from heavy meals. It will be the most useful option for your health.

2 Jan

Astrologers recommend to abstain from alcohol, meat and mushrooms, to eliminate the possibility of gastric toxicity. Drink herbal infusions and teas. They help cleanse the body.

3 Jan

It is time to include in the diet vegetables, fruits and juices. According to the lunar calendar, a strict diet and fasting on this day is prohibited.

4 Jan

On this day, it is recommended to avoid meat and fatty foods, replacing it with fish and vegetables. This way you will not overload the stomach. Drink plenty of pure non-carbonated water and herbal teas.

5 Jan

Add in today’s diet light and lean foods – vegetables, cereals and any juices, except Apple. Under the ban are smoked meat, salted and pickled vegetables and alcohol.

6 Jan

Fasting and diet on this day is undesirable. The stomach needs a moderate load, so please be in the food balance. Limit fluid intake to avoid edema.

January 7

Refrain from anything that can irritate the gut – fermented milk products, pickles, smoked, alcohol and sweets.

8 Jan

In moderation allowed to eat some “bad” food – spicy, fatty and smoked. It is necessary to carefully monitor the quality of the product and be careful with alcohol – there is a risk of rapid intoxication.

9 Jan

Meat is better to replace the fish and vegetables, while fasting in the day astrologers do not recommend.

10 Jan

As starvation and overeating on this day is prohibited. Be careful with alcohol. A glass of dry red wine will affect the body positively, but not worth drinking more.

11 Jan

Heavy and fatty foods, replace vegetables, fruits and herbs, and coffee and tea – herbal infusions and juices. Alcohol and Smoking should be abandoned.

12 Jan

On this day avoid eating too much. Your diet should be balanced and moderate. Give up meat and alcohol.

13 Jan

Auspicious day to start any diet and even starvation.

14 Jan

A great risk of poisoning by alcohol and fried foods. In order to avoid negative consequences to include in your diet vegetables and fruit shades of red: beets, carrots, cranberries and pomegranates.

15 – Jan 16

Fasting and diet this can have a detrimental impact on the body. In particular, limit the consumption of fatty and heavy meals.

17 Jan

Meat and fish replace milk and dairy products. Arrange a fasting day.

18 Jan

It is recommended to abandon any liquid, including soups. Under the categorical prohibition is alcohol.

19 Jan

Good day, according to astrologers, of fasting, of fasting or beginning a new diet. Include in your daily diet as many fruits and vegetables.

20 Jan

If fasting is not included in your plans, replace meat with fish and vegetables. The fruit of this day should be treated with caution. From juicy fruits better give up.

21 Jan

Add in the diet today is fast food. To refuse is from potatoes and citrus.

22 Jan

Limit consumption of meat and cereals in favor of vegetables, fruits, juices and teas.

23 Jan

It is not necessary in this day to start any diet, especially if the previous days you in what does not deny. Flour products – cakes, pancakes and cakes – not contraindicated. High likelihood that excess calories will instantly burn out and not will settle in the form of fat on the sides.

24 Jan

According to the lunar calendar, today is to give up meat, replacing it with cereals and vegetable soups. Also limit consumption of any liquid.

25 Jan

You can starve, fast, and go on a diet. There is a high probability that all started on this day will bring good result.

26 Jan

It is necessary to refuse from fatty and fried foods, alcohol, Smoking and coffee. These products today will not affect health.

27 Jan

It is not recommended to eat high-calorie foods, but starving too undesirable – the stomach needs a moderate load: the food should be simple but varied.

28 Jan

Listen to your body. He “asked” that he needs and needs what it is today.

29 Jan

Special restrictions in food today is not expected. Most importantly, do not overeat and minimize the use of alcohol.

30 Jan

The meals in the day should be moderate. Refrain from eating potatoes and citrus.

31 Jan

Starvation will return the energy you spent during the month, and improve health.

Лунная диета на январь: как очистить организм и похудеть после новогодних праздников

Лунная диета на январь: как очистить организм и похудеть после новогодних праздников

Лунная диета на январь: как очистить организм и похудеть после новогодних праздников