The luxury segment of the Russian car market continued to grow

Люксовый сегмент российского авторынка продолжил расти

In Russia the market of luxury cars at the end of last year, managed to leave in plus. Compared with year-ago results sales of luxury cars rose 1.6%. This is despite the fact that in December 2018 implementation of such cars is strongly decreased (-8%).

Positive dynamics of the luxury segment in Russia was achieved thanks to growth of sales volumes in the three months from September to November. Only in 2018, the domestic dealers bought 1463 car class “Luxury”. The lion’s share (716 machines, 49% of the total market for such a car) – came in a single model, the Mercedes-Maybach S-class, whose price tag starts at 9 240 000.

Second place went to the company’s products Bentley. “The British” facilitated wallets 298 buyers. Also in the top three included the Italian Maserati brand with a figure of 238 copies. Behind him the order followed: Rolls-Royce (96 units), Lamborghini (72 pieces), Ferrari (30 cars) and Aston Martin (13 cars).

The leading region, where he bought 70% of all luxury cars, traditionally named Moscow and the Moscow region. In white-and her district last year purchased the 991. Second place in the hit parade went to St. Petersburg (126 cars). Followed by Krasnodar Krai (35 machines). On the fourth and fifth lines prescribed Sverdlovsk (21 units) and Novosibirsk (19) region respectively.