“The magic of the ancients”: In Italy discovered the remains of an enchanted boy with a stone in his mouth

A terrible epidemic, mows the population, starting from the first centuries of our era, were forced to turn to magic rituals, and proved that the recent discovery of archaeologists.

«Магия древних»: В Италии обнаружены останки заколдованного мальчика с камнем во рту

In Italy, in the province of Tuscany, discovered the remains of a vicious boy of about ten years, with the stone in his mouth. The magic of the ancients was applied to the spread of malaria, which covered the territory, did not go to healthy children who, in the middle of the V century were under constant danger of an epidemic. As reported by historians, at this time, the abrupt change of climate and the expansion of arable land by draining swamps led to the global spread of malaria.

Found the remains indicate that the stone that sealed the mouth of a child, had to save from the disease the whole race. Previously, archaeologists have been found in children’s graves of a variety of items testifying to magic, for example, voroni feathers, preserved in the clay, the remains of the bones of frogs or dogs. This confirms the theory that so-called healers before the teachings of medieval alchemists tried to find a system that protects people from extinction due to epidemics, the so-called “ancient magic”.

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