The main cause of autism is called genetics

Основной причиной аутизма назвали генетику

For decades, the question about the causes of autism were excited not only researchers, but also many parents. Today it is a behavior disorder occurs every 60th of a child.

A new study by scientists at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm allowed us to process information more than two million inhabitants of the Nordic countries, Israel and Austria. On its basis it was concluded that approximately 80% of the individual risk of autism stems from inherited genetic factors, and not shaped by external influences. This means that the autism cause changes in the DNA of genes. As would be appreciated by the obtained data scientists, genetic factors all the time proved decisive.

It might sound a surprise for many parents, who for many years read about the external factors of autism like air pollution or improperly performed vaccines. The study authors emphasize that the representatives of the media misinform the General public about the role of modifiable causes of autism, as the ground and its factor is heredity, what you need to know all fathers and mothers.