The main causes of excessive fuel consumption

Основные причины перерасхода топлива

This knowledge will help you understand when the machine starts to consume more fuel and to find the cause of the problem. Take a look at the most common sources of excessive fuel consumption.

On the consumption of gasoline can effect a clogged air filter or worn spark plugs. They can interfere with the right to burn the mixture of fuel and air. For example, when the air filter is clogged or incorrectly installed, the engine runs out of air, and a car burns more gasoline. Glow plug ignite the mixture in the combustion chambers, and if they are carboned up, the car begins to “eat” more fuel. Not to worry for your wallet, you need to regularly check these details.

Also, the reason for the excessive fuel consumption could be faulty wheel alignment or lack of tire pressure. Wrong angle of the wheels and under-inflated tires slow down the car. To set the correct toe-out can turn in a HUNDRED. Know the optimum tyre pressure for the vehicle you can read on the end face of a door or hatch of the tank, and pump wheels at any gas station or service station.

Huge difference when fuel consumption is aerodynamics of the car. If the driver often travels at high speed with open Windows, a roof rack, or simply pocketed the Luggage compartment, the car spends more energy fighting air resistance. This directly increases fuel consumption.

Driving can also be the cause of excessive fuel consumption. When the driver drives aggressively, braking sharply and accelerating, or just constantly “pulls” the rpm, the machine operates in a suboptimal regime.

Основные причины перерасхода топлива