The main country-suppliers of agricultural products to the Ukrainian market

Названы главные страны-поставщики агропродукции на украинский рынок

In Ukraine at the end of the first half of 2019 imported agri-food products worth $2.8 billion, $0.2 billion (+7,5%) more than 6 months of 2018. This was reported in the press service of the National scientific center “Institute of agrarian economy”.

The main suppliers of agricultural products in Ukraine are traditionally the States of the European Union. They account for about half of imports. For the first half of 2019 in the region had purchased agricultural products amounting to almost $1.44 billion

Much smaller volumes of imports from other regions of the world. In January-June 2018 Ukrainian companies have purchased food from partners from Asia by $508 million (17.8% of the total volume of procurement), countries in Latin America – by $231 million (8.1 percent) and the African continent at $148 million (5.2 percent).

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In the ranking of the main suppliers of agricultural products to the Ukrainian market of leading places are occupied by:

  1. Poland ($297 million);
  2. Germany ($237 million);
  3. Turkey ($172 million);
  4. USA ($153 million);
  5. France ($147 million);
  6. Italy ($144 million);
  7. Netherlands ($113 million);
  8. Norway ($92 million);
  9. Spain ($85 million).

Together, these countries provide little more than 50% of the cost of domestic agricultural imports.

The characteristic feature of the first half of 2019 was the increase in the cost of procurement of all key imported goods with the exception of oilseeds (primarily sunflower), said the expert.

A significant portion of purchases of foreign food products have on fish, crustaceans and molluscs. In imports of this commodity group, which for 6 months of the year amounted to $284 million, dominated by frozen fish. She was purchased for $174 million

Among the products of leaders in the volume of purchases – fruits, mainly citrus and bananas, and nuts. Imports in the first half amounted to $278 million.

Oilseeds, mainly sunflower, in January-June 2019 imported $231 million

The volume of deliveries to Ukraine of tobacco products during this period amounted to $206 million, alcoholic beverages – $186 million, cocoa products and chocolate – $137 million

Various food products, including extracts, concentrates, sauces, etc., purchased abroad by $197 million.