The main failure of washing machines

Основные неисправности стиральных машин

In 90% of cases of failure of washing machines, the wizard is dealing with their typical faults. And they can be from any equipment, regardless of brand, model, as virtually all of it has about the same design and principle of operation.

What are often experienced masters

The top 7 most frequent breakdowns:

  • The machine does not heat the water. 9 times out of 10 all because of a faulty heating element (tubular electric heater). It happens almost always, if the equipment owners like to wash clothes at the maximum temperature. Rarely the case in sensors or the control unit when they fail. In any case, the reason will call specialist. He will tell you how and where to find parts for washing machines, in “ALM-parts” on the website: presents a huge selection of genuine parts for any equipment.
  • The machine is not getting water. Most often this happens if you closed the tap water, or failed intake valve. Maybe clogged filter he stands in front of the valve, and if the house bad water, rusty pipes, at some point ceases to pass water. To resolve the problem, the experts, first and foremost, clean the filter, and if that’s not it, check the safety valves, relays, water level, lock lock (when opening the door the water is not poured).
  • Does not drain water. This happens when the clogged drainage system, including the drain filter. The problem is easier to prevent, for example, regularly cleaning the same after several washings. Less goes down the drain pump, and then you may need to replace it.
  • Do not to press. In most cases the whole blame of failure for the motor in the process, he feels a huge load, rotating drum with several kilograms of linen. Worse, if it is a household washing machine which works continuously, for several hours – then the engine can overheat, which will cause vnutrividovoi circuit. To avoid this, it is advisable to wash your breaks at least an hour (that is, in the morning the first wash, and after dinner – the second). Also, the technique can stop pressing if there is any problem with the control Board.
  • The machine does not turn on. This occurs if no power (electricity, faulty outlet, cord), or out of order electronic module, including due to power surges. This files most often needs to be replaced. Fault can also speak continuously blinking lights, temporary cessation of Laundry in mid-cycle.
  • A knock at work, heavy rattling of cars in the process. It happens when the drum hits the third-party object, for example, from the pockets of clothing, or due to incorrect installation of equipment – when she is not on a level surface. Other reasons for the unequal distribution of things in the drum (these can accumulate on one side, causing an imbalance), malfunction of bearings.

Finally, the machine appears a puddle. In this case, the wizard primarily looking for the cause in hoses – they can be damaged in places kinks. Less diagnose loss of tightness of the bands door.

How to prevent malfunction

That technique has served faithfully for one year, you need to implement all the recommendations of the manufacturer:

  • choose quality washing compounds;
  • do not overload the drum – do not load more things to wash than normal;
  • to properly install the machine on a level floor in rooms with low humidity levels;
  • check pockets before washing things, to make sure that the drum does not hit any sharp objects.

In addition, it is important to regularly carry out maintenance works every 3 years to check the status of the pump nozzles, engine. It is also necessary to use filters or emollients to water.

One more thing – the regular chemical cleaning. It involves the use of citric acid or other acidic products to remove scale from the internal parts of the machine. The compositions are simply poured into boroscoping and set the longest wash cycle with the maximum temperature.

Основные неисправности стиральных машин