The main one of fat. Doctors dispelled the popular myth about weight loss

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Chewing gum suppresses hunger and has no calories – it is misleading slimming people.

In the description of many diets, the authors write a paragraph about chewing gum, describing its “useful” properties that can help with weight loss.

Previously it was thought that chewing gum mint flavor can be a good to kill the hunger and not to pounce on yet another temptation in the form of cake, chocolate or French fries. Also, no one thought about the caloric content of such chewing gums, especially those on the packaging that says “sugar free”. This is nothing but clever marketing move. Have to watch the chewing gum composition, it is possible to see not only the variety of unknown words, which are additives, but the calorie content of the product per 100 grams.

Usually the calorie content of mint chewing gum does not differ from the fruit. Their energy value, on average, is about 70 grams of carbohydrates, which is equal to 280 calories. All those calories are quick and consist of sugar, and on the package itself you can find many varieties of sucrose.

The doctors are ardent opponents of gum. Not only that, chewing gum is a pure manifestation of sugar, besides, it is absolutely not suppresses hunger, and further provokes him. This can lead to failure and uncontrolled absorption of food. But as you know, frustrations are the main friends of extra fat gain.

Besides do not forget that the gum provokes the production of gastric juice. And if it is produced on an empty stomach, in turn, the body breaks down the acid-alkaline balance, and the walls of the stomach get heavy damage. All this directly leads to gastritis and stomach ulcers.