The main thing-is its own example

Главное-это собственный пример

Eugene Sokolov – the usual inhabitant energodara who walks the same streets that we do, but wants the city became Esch? more vivid and varied.

The man believes that in Energodar there are many interesting and beautiful places, parks, playgrounds. But grey “the nine” – predominate.

“In different cities of Ukraine, in Europe, decorate the house with bright colors, painting the murals. I think that the youth of our city has ideas on this, – says Eugene, – so why not help bring them to life? Energodare love walks. It would be cool if they are seen bright colors, interesting places. To these emotions, there was no need to go somewhere.”

Eugene realizes that only the aesthetic views of the younger generation not brought up. The main thing is example.

And as the man goes in for sports (participating and organizing tournaments in arm wrestling), it is struggling to help our city.

“I dream about – says Eugene, – to Energodar opened the judo section. It is a versatile form of struggle, which develops flexibility, plasticity, and raises morale. Children are attracted to, and a beautiful kimono. To do you can start from 6 years and boys and girls. I already have ideas on how to organize it. It remains to find the room.”

Such versatile ideas Evgenia Sokolova liked our newsroom. We will monitor their implementation and, if necessary, will help.