The main thing of the night: the tragedy of the Ukrainians in the sea, the collapse of the hryvnia and the fateful decision Zelensky

Главное за ночь: трагедия с украинцами в море, крах гривны и судьбоносное решение Зеленского

Vladimir Zelensky held a secret conversation with Emanuele a Macron, not telling on TV: the details are merged into a network

Vladimir Zelensky held a secret conversation with the French President Emanuel Macron.

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky had a phone conversation with French President Makron, where expressed words of sympathy to the French people, who have lost such a great man as ex-President of France Jacques Chirac. It is reported by telegram-channel “Legitimate” with reference to own sources in the Office of the President.

The conversation was in a friendly tone. Discussed many issues. The future meeting of leaders “Norman Quartet”, the theme of peacekeepers in the Donbass and the implementation of “Minsk agreements”. Makron interested in the “formula Zelensky” in the Donbass.

About the telephone conversation between the presidents can officially decide not to report because of the current international tension.

Murderers Putin went on the attack and made the APU fighters hell: there was an emergency message OOS

On Donbass fighters fired at positions of the APU, thereby violating the cease-fire.

It became known that for the last days armed forces of the Russian Federation and its mercenaries 23 times violated the ceasefire. The enemy shelled positions of the divisions of integrated forces of the Minsk agreements prohibited weapons and artillery systems of caliber 122 mm, 120-mm mortars and 82 mm grenade launchers of various systems and small arms.

In the strip of responsibility “East” invaders 11 times fired at positions of the APU and broke the silence. In addition, the invaders 12 times violated the silence regime in the strip of responsibility of the “North”.

For the last day of losses as a result of shelling from our side was not.

The dollar “will trample” the hryvnia exchange rate will change dramatically: the long-term prognosis

The exchange rate was unpleasantly surprised by the Ukrainians, because the dollar will “win” a penny for penny.

This is stated in the long-term forecast made by the experts of the rating Agency Standard & Poor’s Global Ratings.

“The significant participation of non-residents in debt in local currency may enhance the pressure on the exchange rate in times of stress”, – says the review.

At this point, experts say, non-residents owned about 50% of General government commercial debt.

According to the forecast, the exchange rate in the following years will be:

2020 – 27,50 USD/dollar

2021 – 28,00 UAH/USD

2022 – 28,50 USD/dollar

Zelensky is preparing to revive the Donbass, it will happen in October: details

The team of President Vladimir Zelensky want to hold a forum on which I put the question on the return of investments on Donbass.

“Important moments in the forum expected to attract more than 350 guests – representatives of the Cabinet of Ministers and local governments, investors, businesses, embassies, mass media. It is expected around 50 representatives of Ukrainian (and not only) investment funds, companies, donors and international incorporate”, – stated in the message Klymenko Times.

Among the key participants – the Vladimir Zelensky and Prime Minister Alexey Goncharuk.

“The organizers promise 6 key panel discussions and more than 10 special operations, the presentation of IT-startups, the exhibition of investment projects, the successful cases of large companies. The main location of the forum had a modest name ZEstage. Among the special events listed the re-opening of the highway Zaporozhye – Mariupol (important for Zelensky not to open the road sign as Poroshenko. Otherwise photos from the opening will haunt him all the years of the presidency)”, – underlined in the message.

Ship with Ukrainians mysteriously disappeared in the ocean, hope is melting: the details of the emergency

In the Atlantic ocean is gone the ship with the Ukrainians.

So, in the Atlantic ocean in the storm lost ship “Bourbon Rhode”, on Board of which was about 10 Ukrainians. They are all members of the crew. It is reported Deputy Director of the Department of consular service of the foreign Ministry Vasiliy Kirilich on the social network Twitter.

In the storm that began in the Atlantic ocean on September 26, a distance of about 1200 nautical miles from Martinique (overseas Department of France) has disappeared from the radar the ship “Bourbon Rhode”, which was sailing citizens of Ukraine.

“Search and rescue operation of the crew missing in the Atlantic ocean ship “Bourbon Rhode” continues. Keep in touch with a representative of the shipowner and rescue center. Important – please,” – wrote Vasily Kirilich on Twitter and outlined the disappearance of the vessel.

Главное за ночь: трагедия с украинцами в море, крах гривны и судьбоносное решение Зеленского

Главное за ночь: трагедия с украинцами в море, крах гривны и судьбоносное решение Зеленского

Главное за ночь: трагедия с украинцами в море, крах гривны и судьбоносное решение Зеленского

Главное за ночь: трагедия с украинцами в море, крах гривны и судьбоносное решение Зеленского