The main topic for political speculation in the autumn elections to the Parliament

Названы главные темы для политических спекуляций на осенних выборах в Раду

Political experts believe that the rates, pensions and environmental issues will become major topics for speculation in the parliamentary elections. We’re incredibly dirty and tough campaign.

So, according to the expert of Institute of political education Alexander Solontay, the topic of environmental protection will be one of these parliamentary elections.

“In my opinion, in 2019, the environmental issue has every chance to come forward, to be one of the main themes of the election!” said Solontay in the air of the fifth channel.

Also according to experts and journalists of the TV channel, along with promises to raise the level of social standards, raising salaries and pensions, the MPs now generally promise to solve environmental problems, however, every time come to a standstill.

For example, an environmental tax that parliamentarians are obliged to charge Ukrainian enterprises, in fact, for many years directed to the needs of others, the reporters.

You put candidates on environmental issues in the first place, when will the Parliament, experts doubt. But, convinced that environmental problems will be used as the bait for voters.