The majority of iPhone models have found critical vulnerability

У большинства моделей iPhone обнаружили критическую уязвимость

Researcher on cyber security under the pseudonym axi0mX discovered a critical vulnerability in iOS devices running on A5 processors (iPhone 4S) to A11 (iPhone 8 and iPhone X).

This code is called checkm8. He is the type bootrom vulnerability that could give hackers access to the iPhone, which Apple can’t block.

It uses a vulnerability in the source code that gets on your iOS device when you download.

Hundreds of millions of iPhone devices affected: any device, starting with iPhone 4S (A5 chip) via iPhone 8 and iPhone X (chip A11).

According to researchers, Apple has already patched the flaw in last year’s processors A12. So the new iPhone XS / XR 11/11 Pro will not be violated.

How can it hurt? Hackers can use this vulnerability to bypass account lockout Apple’s iCloud, which are used in order to find the lost device, or to install programs that steal the user information.

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