The majority of Ukrainian banks finished the quarter with a profit

Большинство украинских банков завершили квартал с прибылью

69 Ukrainian banks from 77 profit fell in the first quarter and eight finished it with a loss, according to the national Bank of Ukraine.

The greatest profit of “PrivatBank” – UAH 7.6 billion, “Raiffeisen Bank Aval” – 1,1 billion UAH, OTP Bank 793 million UAH, FUIB 757 million UAH, Prominvestbank – 633 million.

The biggest loss – “daughter” Russian “savings Bank” – UAH 1 billion, “Bank Credit Dnepr” – 488 million UAH, “Ukrsotsbank” – 168 million UAH, “PRAVEX-Bank” – UAH 25 million, “Misto Bank” – UAH 9 million.

Last year banks earned 21.7 billion UAH of profit is the best result for the sector in history. Ukraine’s banking system became profitable for the first time since 2013.