The man dealt with the doctor at the hospital, where he overlooked his wife: details

Мужчина расправился с врачом больницы, где недосмотрели его жену: подробности

The woman failed to diagnose an ectopic pregnancy

The furious husband decided to get even with the doctor of the hospital, reports the Telegram channel LIFE SHOT.

The incident occurred in the Russian city of Berdsk (Novosibirsk region). There to a local hospital later that evening the patient was hospitalized. According to the husband of the woman, doctors did not bother to examine her and was just given pain medication. And in the morning it turned out that the woman has an ectopic pregnancy and was bleeding internally.

The patient barely saved, more days she was unconscious and lost a lot of blood.

According to wife, the doctors forged documents. Instead of the evening, wrote that the woman arrived the next morning.

The man came to understand to the hospital and forced a doctor to redo the recording, and then carried the documents for signature to the Deputy the head physician of the hospital, Hoping Ahatovoy.

During intercourse, the man tried to reach out to the physician and to say that his wife, doctors almost sent to the light. Doctor e simply refused to sign and give the papers to her husband:

– You understand that almost killed her? Or don’t understand it?.. You stereotyped me not to talk? These documents today.. I need to put a seal and give it to them.

– If your spouse will ask for these documents, then we will be waiting. She’s the only one.

After a verbal altercation, the man tried to grab the paper from the Deputy chief doctor, who they just crushed back. Sahatova started shouting to call the nurse to ask to call the doctor.

Later, she accused the wife of the patient that she broke her arm. That, in turn, he appealed to the law enforcement.

As previously reported, splyl details of the death of famous Russian propagandist and TV presenter Sergey Dorenko. We will remind that on may 9 Sergei Dorenko ended up in an accident on his motorcycle in Moscow, and after some time suddenly died.

So, there is information that the experts conducted an autopsy on the body of Sergei Dorenko, and could name the exact cause of death of the promoter. It is noted that Sergey Dorenko died from hemotamponade – violation of the functions of the heart.

The autopsy, which was conducted in the mortuary at the cemetery Troekurov, the advocate again found fluid impeding the function of the heart.

Rossm note that in the death of journalist Sergei Dorenko no criminal components.

Мужчина расправился с врачом больницы, где недосмотрели его жену: подробности

Мужчина расправился с врачом больницы, где недосмотрели его жену: подробности