The man fed the family, stealing food at the supermarket

Мужчина кормил семью, воруя продукты в супермаркете

Not previously convicted man figured out how to solve the problem of lack of money and went on the offense. After the first successful theft, he came every day to the supermarket “Economy” and claimed products. He did not realize that the trading hall is equipped with camera and figure it was a trick.

On March 5, a resident of Akimovka went to the supermarket to buy bread. Guided by a sudden purpose, he took from the shelves of the shop chocolate, candy, a few cans of sprats and a bottle of cognac “Koblevo”. The food he hid under a sweater, and alcohol put in his jacket pocket. He managed to leave the store unnoticed and the next day he again went “on business”.

The choice of the attacker was simple – 5,6 and 7 March he was carried out of the store, chocolate, sprats, sausage and cognac. The total damage caused to the shop, amounted to fifteen thousand.

March 8 the man was arrested and opened a criminal case under article 185 UK of Ukraine (theft). The investigation was short and Yakymivskyy district court considered the case.

At the hearing, the accused confessed and said that is valid for three days committed theft products, which are then used together with the family. March 8 at the entrance to the supermarket it was stopped by the officer and reported that he knows about a series of thefts. He offered to compensate for the damage by a factor of five, but the accused was, then called the police.

The court, after reviewing the case, decided to show leniency to the criminal. Earlier the man convicted was not, positively characterized by place of residence, has on the maintenance of a minor child. He was sentenced to a one and a half years of imprisonment with suspended sentence of one year.