“The man in the Caucasus is difficult to overcome the tradition”: Cantemir of Balakov about the chains of the North Caucasus

«Мужчине на Кавказе сложно переступить через традиции»: Кантемир Балагов об оковах Северного Кавказа

Heroes of the new release of the youtube show “wdud” became disciples of Alexander Sokurov, Directors Cantemir of Balakov and Vladimir Chops. In 2010 he came to Nalchik in one of the local universities opened his workshop to teach filmmaking’s most promising girls and boys in Kabardino-Balkaria. Among the 12 alumni workshop Sokurov’s best known for today are 34-year-old Vladimir Chops and 27-year-old Cantemir of Balakov. Debut film Balagova “Distress” won the FIPRESCI prize at the Cannes film festival in 2017. This year Cantemir went to Cannes with his second film “Tall” and won the FIPRESCI prize for best Director.

In a conversation with Yuri Dude Cantemir talked about toxic mother’s love, of the dying traditions of the North Caucasus and about why women are stronger than men.

About the complexes of the North Caucasus

“There is a complex of a small nation that it is always clean, proud, beautiful, fresh, noble and so on. This is partly true and partly not. All peoples, I think there are downsides. Do not be afraid to talk about them. It is normal practice, in the world literature that a lot. In Russian literature particularly”.

Toxic about maternal love and about the outdated institution of marriage

“Family relationships are very interesting to me, because they always varied, always traumatic. Only a close person can make you a lot of pain. And only the close person it is difficult to forgive him for it – because when you least expect it from him. Partly I understand love, which is a bit disastrous from the excessive guardianship. When you are afraid to allow some autonomy. The Caucasus is a particularly sharp question, because you want to preserve the institution of the family. But the institution of the family obsolete.

The main issue that we discussed with the writer of “Tightness” Anton Arochem – humane to ask your child about self-sacrifice, despite the fact that you’re asking him to sacrifice for the sake of a loved one. Did your parents have the right to ask a child to sacrifice themselves. Despite the fact that they gave him life they do not have this right, in my opinion. I have a peculiar relationship to fertility. There are in Platonov’s a lovely story “perishing”. There the mother comes to the grave of the murdered son of a soldier. She has a very serious monologue in which she admits to him that took him from the fact that she was bored. And that she was afraid of the day when it’s born and starts to leave her. Is this a kind of selfishness, I think. The extension of yourself, feeling that you are not alone”.

Why do women in the Caucasus stronger men

“In my opinion, the man in the Caucasus is very difficult to overcome tradition. For many reasons: it forge the bonds of family, religion, and traditions. A woman is much freer – it can cross for a loved one, even through loved ones. Men, in the majority, are not capable of.”

The coolest woman in modern Russia

“In my mind there are several, but one call. Chulpan Khamatova. What she makes as a citizen, as an actress, film and theatre. I saw only one play with her, and that showed in Pyatigorsk, we were taken there by master. The performance Shukshin’s stories. And it made such an impression…And then in person when he took us backstage, I realized that the scale of the individual this man is very large, despite her fragility, she is a very great man”.

Vladimir Bitki presented at the Kinotavr film festival in 2018, the feature debut of “Deep river”, which some of his compatriots found it not too flattering. The Director spoke about the stereotypes in the movie and what it earns in between filming.

About movies and the stereotypes about the North Caucasus

“All that the Russians or Europeans know about the Caucasus is still a certain set of stereotypes. We’re dancing beautifully, we accept guests, we have a deep tradition and respect for elders, family and all that. And it really is. But in many ways it is very actively dying thanks to some processes. It is clear that in the world there is no nation without problems. About Cantemir say that we denigrate his own people we supposedly represent their own people to Europe in a negative light, so we are traitors and so on. But this is nonsense. For some reason, all Kabardians are sure that in Europe only talk about the Kabardians.

I can make a film, and Cantemir can make a movie, where all will dance, to love each other and are very all to respect, but that is not true.”

About the work and the absurd gossip

“I work in the service delivery. Moonlighting. I made only one film, and now trying to do the second. And at this intermediate stage is necessary as-that to live. Children do not explain that the Pope is a lot of creative, he needs a lot of thinking and nifiga not work. I this work was not chosen, this is the only available for me, working in Nalchik. I had a story when I was delivering sushi to the person who told me that he recently read in a note that I received from unknown person a million dollars for that blackened the Kabardian people. Well, I told him that Yes, I actually live in London and I’m a millionaire, I just have a hobby – to come to Nalchik and to deliver sushi. He apologized and said it was very nice.”

«Мужчине на Кавказе сложно переступить через традиции»: Кантемир Балагов об оковах Северного Кавказа

«Мужчине на Кавказе сложно переступить через традиции»: Кантемир Балагов об оковах Северного Кавказа