The man shot the people in the famous hotel, there are victims: the first details of the tragedy

Мужчина расстрелял людей в известном отеле, есть жертвы: первые подробности трагедии

On June 4 the city caught up with the trouble – armed inadequate to Lynch guests

On Tuesday in the Australian city of Darwin the man opened fire at the hotel “Palms Hotel”.

Write about it online:

“After the attack on the hotel, he moved around the city in a white pickup truck and continued to fire”.

At the moment it is known that the police managed to arrest the assailant:

“Around 18:00 local time the attack took place on the hotel. The offender was wearing a reflective vest and armed with a shotgun with cut barrel. He broke into the room and shot people, were presented to 20 shots”.

As a result of the arbitrariness of the 45-year-old man killed five people. Local investigators also reported that as a result of emergency many wounded, their number is specified.

Police said that after the attack the man tried to escape in the SUV, but he managed to delay the patrol.

The Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison made a statement in connection with the sad event:

“Crime is not a terrorist attack. This is a terrible act of violence that took the life of man.”