The man stole my mother’s TV

Мужчина украл у матери телевизор

In Chernihiv the court has appointed to the man punishment in the form of 6 months in custody for stealing two televisions from their mother.

This is reported by the Prosecutor’s office of Chernihiv region.

“The verdict of the new York district court of the city of Chernihiv April 3 a local resident found guilty for stealing two televisions from their mother (part 2 of article 185 of the criminal code of Ukraine)”, – stated in the message.

It is noted that the Prosecutor of the Chernihiv local prosecutors at trial proved that a man born in 1989, in January 2020, with a goal of personal enrichment, stole 2 TV’s from his mother.

At the hearing the accused on the charges against him admitted guilt completely.

The court fully and comprehensively appreciated the prosecution evidence in the case and came to the conclusion about presence in actions of the man composition of the alleged crimes (secret abduction of another’s property (theft) committed repeatedly).

“Considering the sincere repentance of the accused and active contribution to the disclosure of a criminal offence by a court sentenced to 6 months of arrest”, – added in the message.