The man was bundled into the trunk in front of the crowd in the capital: “Put a bag over his head”

Мужчину затолкали в багажник на глазах у толпы в столице: «Надели мешок на голову»

In one district of Kiev unknown stole the right man at the bus stop, in front of people

This is reported by local journalists.

“The kidnapping happened on the Ring road opposite the market. The public transport was approached by a black BMW, got out two men who grabbed the man, put a bag over his head, stuffed into a trunk and taken away in unknown direction”, – stated in the message.

In this regard, to search the car “threw” all the police, but later the situation changed.

“The kidnapping of a man at the bus stop is just a social experiment whose purpose was to test the reaction of people to the event. The whole process of theft was filmed on video”, – underlined in the message.

As previously reported, during a football match in Italy, a kidnapping of one of the participants of the match. Incredible incident happened in the Amateur championship of Sicily, in the game between the teams Viagrande and Nebrodi.

In the second half of the match at the stadium was a helicopter, which jumped and kidnapped unknown player Viagrande Ignazio Barbagallo. People in balaclavas broke hands 55-year-old, pushed him into a helicopter and fled the scene, reports Fox Sports Italy.

Fans and other participants of the fight with fear responded to the incident, but were soon reassured.

As it turned out, it was a prank. Thus Barbagallo decided to finish his football career by faking a kidnapping in his last match.

However, for such a joke Barbagallo was fined € 200 and disqualified until 31 may 2019. It still faces additional sanctions from the authorities that have not agreed a helicopter landing in a public place.

Мужчину затолкали в багажник на глазах у толпы в столице: «Надели мешок на голову»