The management of the hostel in Odessa is manipulating the students, demanding money

Руководство общежития в Одессе манипулирует студентами, требуя деньги

In Odessa, the students of the University complained about the administration of the hostel, which demanded money from them allegedly for passing tests COVID-19, threatening not to allocate rooms.

As reported by the Duma testing for the coronavirus was estimated at 500 hryvnias.

“When they announced the quarantine, students March 16, just out of the dormitory. Currently, we were allowed to return to the dormitory, but need to be tested for coronavirus for their money. We have to buy the test-system for 415-500 UAH and go to the free clinic to the doctor,” said the student.

The girl complained that she for a long time remained without work, and “the average scholarship is 1300 UAH, and we are forced to give 500 hryvnia per test”.

In turn, journalists who tried to find out from the rector the circumstances of such medical “extortion”, the head of the University promised that the problem will be resolved immediately.

“I harshly instructed the Director of the campus no reference was required. All who were registered and lived among us in the dorms, without any references immediately to possess. We have already published the relevant order”, – assured the rector.