The Manifesto of the party-goers: Arthur Pirozhkov has released a music video for the song Peretantsuet me

Russian actor Artur Pirozhkov came out with a new video to the song Peretantsuet me.

Track the singer was presented in June, calling it a Manifesto for the real clubbers.

In the video Pies and his neighbors say goodbye to the pandemic coronavirus mass dance. They take off the mask and repeat the movement for the artist.

First Pies dancing in a dimly lit room in the virtual company of other people, and then jumps out of the window. Already on the street, he continues to dance alone, and then it begins to join passers-by.

The clip was directed by Sergey grey.

Time and Glass – Last Dance

Group Time and Glass, which recently announced the completion of creativity, has released a farewell track Last Dance. Nadia Dorofeeva and Positive shot a video in the style of the 90s.

In the video Nadya Dorofeeva appeared in the bright, flamboyant manner, which complements a new haircut and a leather corset.