The Martian house was turned into the environmental module: photo

Марсианский домик превратили в экологический модуль: фото

The us company AI SpaceFactory have developed an ecological house, printed on a 3D printer from natural materials. High-tech and environmental module TERA will serve as a mini-hotel on Earth.

According to AI SpaceFactory, their development can change the approach to construction and even to save our planet. The feature of house TERA is that it can “get out of the ground and return back to the earth.”

House TERRA was created based on another project AI SpaceFactory prototype housing on Mars MARSHA. MARSHA won the NASA contest for the best project of the environment for colonists on other planets.

Марсианский домик превратили в экологический модуль: фото

The prototype housing on Mars by AI SpaceFactory – MARSHA

House inside TERA

The building has two floors – on the first is a public area: living room with exit to the terrace, a place for cooking and a bathroom. The second floor is more private and can be adapted to any needs of the residents by a simple rearrangement of furniture – from living room to an open space.

Also AI SpaceFactory wants to use TERA as a living laboratory: all reviews and comments of customers are taken into account to improve the design of future residential buildings on Earth and beyond.

High-tech and eco-friendly house will begin accepting guests from March 2020-th year. It is worth noting that booking rooms already available.

Price: $ 175 per night (about 4407 hryvnia).

Марсианский домик превратили в экологический модуль: фото

Ecological house from TERA AI SpaceFactory

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