The massacre in Vinnytsia: a woman with an axe and a pistol attacked dentist

Кровавая бойня в Виннице: женщина с топором и пистолетом напала на стоматолога

A dentist in Vinnytsia in broad daylight, attacked the woman with an ax and a gun.

The dentist down the stairs, when she ran over a woman. In one hand she had an axe and the other with a gun Flaubert.

She slapped her and started to shoot.

The wounded victim managed to run to the office and close. But the inadequate visitor never gave up and tried an axe to break the door.

Therefore, the dentist jumped out of the office through the window.

Eyewitnesses called the police, and while waiting for the cops, the attackers blocked in the room.

It was a local 48-year-old woman. She denies that she fired at the doctor.

The latter is now in the hospital with a cut forehead and a bullet wound to the back. She didn’t know what was guilty before the woman, so the reasons for the attack have to figure out the police.

Bloody shooting incident police have classified as attempted murder. If attackers recognize sane, he faces up to 15 years in prison.

By the way, July 5, at about 13.00 in Kiev on the Bessarabian square the shooting occurred.