The mayor Frankivsk Martsinko I swore at the judges after a football match: live 18+ – 24 Channel

Мер Франківська Марцінків обматюкав суддів після футбольного матчу: відео 18+ - 24 Канал

City Chairman of Ivano-Frankivsk Ruslan Martsinko after a football match in which the team of IFC “Carpathian” lost to FC “Kolos” from Kovaleski, attacked the judges of the game. Chapter Frankivsk swore at the referee and said that they were bribed.

The corresponding video, which shows how Martsinko obscenely swears by the judges, has published on its Youtube channel Taras Voloshin.

Went here with*Ki. To pay dibs you b**th. Went here pozornik!
– furiously shouted the mayor the footage of the video.

However, within 15 minutes after the incident, Ruslan Martsinko apologized for his words in Facebook.

“I apologize for his words at a football match and the emotions, because I have not seen such blatant judging one way! Football is a game where the best win! Today was the best players of the Carpathians! Understand that emotion is not the best solution, so I apologize to the fans but I believe in the team!” – the mayor wrote Frankivsk.

City Chairman of Ivano-Frankivsk I swore at the judges after a football match:

Recall, June 15, Martsinko has got into a curious situation. So, after the band’s performance of “Hammerman kills viruses” at the festival Porto Franko the mayor instructed to bless the stage were the musicians.

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