The mayor of the Dnieper announced what will be the tariff for heat this winter, and why is the water green

The mayor of the Dnieper Boris Filatov said that the heat left Bank of the Dnieper rewired from the track rocket to the city networks. This led to the change of the tariff for inhabitants of the left Bank. Since the city was attached to the rocket about 60 million UAH. during the heating season for transporting heat to the houses (which is 38 km -19 km in one direction and 19 km back), i.e. at the expense of other residents. He said this in his YouTube channel.

-The rate should be uniform for any territorial community and its claims to the national Commission of regulation of energy and utilities. In connection with the change of government in the country there was not the chief, just now the Board needs to convene and approve a common fare in our city that will be of the order of 1500 UAH. per Gcal., – the mayor noted. – I.e., other tariff plan they will not approve. Can’t be that in one area of the city he was 1440-1470 UAH. and the other two times lower. The price of heat depends on energy costs.

The mayor also noted that the water which is fed to the battery green to not used for other purposes.

in the presence of metering devices 1579,51 UAH/Gcal,

in the absence of metering devices – 43,80 UAH/ sq. m.

Tariff approved by Resolution of the national Commission No. 1775 from 10.12.2018 and act with 1.01. 2019