The mayor of the Dnieper Filatov spoke out against the construction of the airport in the village of Salt

Мэр Днепра Филатов высказался против строительства аэропорта в пгт Соленом

The mayor of the Dnieper Boris Filatov said that the new airport should be built in the city, and not in the village of Salt, and believes in collective intelligence.

The official said in an interview to the business portal “The idea of the airport outside the city in the village of Salt – I don’t like… don’t understand the idea of the construction of the airport in an open field, as voiced by Vladimir Omelian, especially for two years. Oleksandr Iaroslavskyi invited the investment in the airport of the Dnieper, and it is more common variant, I think. I’m still interested, but the airport in Kharkiv good,” said Filatov.

In his interview, answering a question on possible terms of the beginning of the project to create a new airport, the mayor of the Dnieper predicted its start until late spring of this year. “Turn to the discussion until April, when the development budgets. The Cabinet will decide where to invest money to develop the project in the new airport or in the city… Until the airport moved away from the priorities of the Central government – all rushed to elections,” – said the mayor of the Dnieper.

“If Omeljan or Groysman decide to build the airport of the Dnieper on the moon – won’t be able to resist. The main thing is to have built,” said Filatov.

As you know, the depressing state of the airport “Dnepr”, which can not receive modern aircraft, forced residents, virtually cut off from international air travel, to petition to the President of Ukraine with a request to reconstruct the runway of the airport, are in the sphere of interests of the state. After that Petro Poroshenko announced the allocation of 2019 from the state budget of UAH 200 million for the design and construction of an airport in the river and instructed the Cabinet to find the missing funds.

Oleksandr Yaroslavsky, the owner and President of DCH group, within the framework of an investment program of Kharkiv’s preparation for Euro 2012 is already built in the “first capital” of the modern airport. And recently expressed a willingness to repeat the success in the river in the same format of public-private partnerships: the private investor builds the airport terminal, and the state as a strategic airfield for the defense needs of the facility. Naming a necessary condition of their participation in the project’s full funding of its state components.

“As soon as the first UAH from the state will come, just stick the first shovel,” – said journalists Yaroslavsky, noting that the construction of a new terminal in the river forces DCH will last 2-2. 5 years and cost him $70 million.

Currently, a group of eminent experts of the Austrian Airport Consulting Vienna together with a team of International airport “Kharkiv” by order of the Yaroslavl studying the possibility of building in the river.

International airport “Kharkiv”, built by Yaroslavsky DCH group, in 2018 reached record levels of passenger traffic – 962 thousand people and opened 12 new regular flights to London, Vienna, Dortmund, Katowice, Gdansk and Wroclaw, as well as seasonal flights to Tbilisi, Batumi, Milan, Barcelona, Rimini and Burgas.

Amongst the airlines operating regular international flights from Kharkov, Ukraine, the leaders of the international passenger airline Wizz Air, Turkish Airlines, Pegasus, LOT, UIA, SkyUp and many others. The total number of departures on international flights in 2018 reached 3 139.