The measure of restraint ex-to the chief of police of Odessa region

Избрана мера пресечения экс-главе полиции Одесщины

Prosecutors asked to arrest Dmitry Golovin with alternative collateral more than 23 million hryvnias. Protection insisted that he did not chose a measure of restraint.

Solomenskiy district court of Kyiv sent under house arrest of the former chief of police of Odessa region Dmitry Golovin, a suspect in the theft of evidence. It is reported by Ukrainska Pravda on Saturday, July 26.

“Apply to the suspect Golovin, Dmitry Valerievich as a preventive measure-house arrest, forbidding the latter to leave the place of their residence around the clock. The period of detention under house arrest to define up to September 25, 2019”, – stated in the verdict.

Golovin also forbidden to leave the village where he was without the permission of the Prosecutor and the court. He nezya communicate with podozrevaemye.

In addition, Dmitry Golovin needs to hand over the passport and wear an electronic bracelet.

Prosecutors asked to arrest Golovin with the alternative of Deposit of 23 million 133 thousand UAH. They believe that the former official might abscond from the investigation in the occupied territories, where he and his wife allegedly own property.

Also, prosecutors appealed to the fact that two other suspects in the case, Deputy Golovin and entrepreneur, have to hide from law enforcement. According to prosecutors, wives Golovin and his Deputy Konstantin Geyko at the same time purchased the apartment next door, which indicates the relationship of the suspects.

At the same time Golovin during the meeting said about the mismatch of information in the case file. In particular, in the statement about his alleged apartment in Luhansk region, the owner of the property indicated its full namesake, but born in 1973 (Golovin was born in 1975).

Protection considered the petition for arrest are unfounded and asked not to take a measure at all. Lawyers said that Golovin isn’t going to disappear. In particular, he has twice in the course of the year was on holiday abroad and came back, held working meetings with the NEB to establish the circumstances of the case.