The media got new evidence of the involvement of the Russians to the crash of MH17

В СМИ попали новые доказательства причастности россиян к крушению МН17

More than 170 Russian protivorakety arrived to the Ukrainian border in two days before the crash.

Russian “Novaya Gazeta” has published further evidence on the transfer of Russian air defense forces to the borders of Ukraine before the MH17 crash.

From the paperwork, published on the newspaper’s website, it appears that more than 170 servicemen of air defense units of Russia were close to the border in the Rostov region on the day when the installation of the SAM “Buk” was attacked by a flight MN17. July 15, two days before the sinking of the liner, they got dry rations for 5 days.

The first document indicates that the heads of Kursk and Voronezh divisions of the military automobile inspection of the Russian Federation in June 2014 ordered to organize support for the military equipment on public roads. It is from the Kursk region to the Donbass arrived “Buk 332”, brought down the Malaysian airliner July 17, 2014.

From the paper it follows that the transport of machinery Kursk air defense brigade to be carried out by the 69th brigade logistics (in/h 11385). This confirms the version of authors of the portal Bellingcat on the participation of personnel and trucks of the 69th brigade in the movement of equipment from Kursk made them in 2017.

In another document lists several trucks with drivers that will arrive to Kursk from Belgorod to go on. In particular, there appears KAMAZ “black” license plate 4267 EN – and its driver- private Boutiques A. N. Later this KAMAZ will get in the lenses of Amateur footage during the transportation of the “buck 332” border at Millerovo.

So, from 23 to 25 June, the column of military equipment to the Kursk on a military base Millerovo near the Ukrainian border.

Personnel more than 170 people have joined the technique of later – July 15, 2014. They were enrolled on the boiler allowance, immediately taken, but got rations for 5 days (issued in case when cooking is not possible).

The fact of the arrival of troops from Kursk part in Millerovo border with the date July 15, deepens suspicions and confirms the version about the involvement of the Russians to the deaths of MH17.

We will remind, “Boeing-777” Malaysia Airlines, carrying out flight MH17 Amsterdam (Netherlands) – Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) was shot down in the skies over the Donetsk region on 17 July 2014. On Board were 298 people. They all died.

International investigative group that established the circumstances of the crash Malaysia Airlines, came to the conclusion that the airliner was a missile from the Buk belonging to Russian 53rd anti-aircraft missile defense brigade based in Kursk. The complex was delivered to the Donbass, and all the cars that had accompanied him, also belonged to the Russian Armed forces.

В СМИ попали новые доказательства причастности россиян к крушению МН17

В СМИ попали новые доказательства причастности россиян к крушению МН17

В СМИ попали новые доказательства причастности россиян к крушению МН17