The media learned about the reluctance of it companies USA to cooperate with Russian partners

СМИ узнали о нежелании ИT-компаний США сотрудничать с русскоязычными партнерами

In the last few years Russian-speaking it companies in Silicon valley “to face problems” including refusal to work with them in the case of the home team in Russia. This writes The Bell, citing a few of the interviewed venture capitalists.

“A year ago, public American company wanted to buy our portfolio startup – Israeli, but with the development in Ukraine. In the end, the company demanded that all the development was carried out in Israel,” – said one of them.

Another claims that several companies refused to work with startups, in which the team is located in Russia, due to “risks of state intervention in work start-up.” A similar requirement has received another Russian company that organizes corporate sales, and in the end she was forced to move to Poland.

“If you’re Russian, don’t live for many years in USA and your name is Ivan Petrov, the chance to build in the US a successful business in the it and cybersecurity you have a tend to zero,” said The Bell a member of one of the major companies associated with cybersecurity. Another source notes that such cases cannot be described as ubiquitous, but they are “just there”.

The Bell brings another example of “discrimination against programmers and developers from Russia” – October offer of the company’s management Networks, “known open discussion corporate rules”, which wants to ban hiring for positions with access to user data of people in China and Russia. In Networks believe that the authorities of these countries can put pressure on employees and to obtain access to confidential information and explain possible innovations to customers requirements.

However, the publication said that after the publication of the initiatives the company has faced reputation crisis. Networks, in particular, left and publicly criticized the compliance Director.

We will remind that the authorities of the USA and Russia regularly accused each other of launching cyber attacks, including during the elections. Because of Moscow’s interference in the presidential campaign of 2016, the U.S. imposed sanctions against Russia. Since September 2019 in the United States operates a permanent ban on the use of us government agencies software from private companies from Russia “Kaspersky Lab”, such as software, according to Washington, poses a threat to US security, and Moscow with his help, may obtain access to government data.