The media learned about the secret of today’s message trump to the nation

СМИ узнали о секрете сегодняшнего послания Трампа к нации

The US President Donald trump, who intends on Saturday, January 19, to make an emergency address to the nation, plans to make the Democrats another proposal to end the shutdown of the government and force them to sit at the negotiating table. About it, citing a senior government official, according to CNN.

The source of the TV channel told that trump wants to “put on table” some of his new initiatives, which will force its political opponents to begin constructive negotiations. While talking to CNN said that the President does not intend to retreat from its main requirement is to provide funding for the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico.

The channel, which has consistently opposed trump, said that administration officials are pessimistic in relation to new initiatives of its President, because the Democrats have repeatedly refused any compromise on the construction of the wall. The leader of the Democrats in the lower house of Congress Nancy Pelosi stated that she did not agree with the funding for the wall, even one dollar. The overall position of the left is that trump needs to sign the budget, end the shutdown of the government, and only then start negotiations on the border wall.

The official said that the administration continue discussions on the possibility of imposition of emergency in the country. About his decision, trump is expected to announce on Saturday.